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Top 5 Buffets Himachal

Top 5 Buffets - Himachal

Here all snow-clad mountain tranquillity in environment, the lush green valleys and the freshness in the air, describes the Himachal pradesh completely with more number of loyal travellers. Here you can taste scrumptious food. In himachal pradesh, you can visit different tastes of road vendors, restaurants and authentic cafes. The people of this place are so much loving and make authenticated dishes keenly. Your mouth will start watering if you pass through these restaurants, cafes and vendors. This is more  beyond to explore amazing landscapes, it is home of many cuisines which attracts millions of tourists to taste variety of tastes both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Best ingredients with plethora of tastes are used in dishes. Best eating out are found in Manali, shimla, Spiti and Chamba. Himachal is a very beautiful place to visit in India. Millions of tourists visit this part because of the presence of many hill station among which the most prominent one is Shimla. There are so many places to visit in Himachal and many things to do in terms of tourism. The food of Himachal is mind blowing amd there are wonderful restaurants you will find in Himachal. Here we will be talking about the best buffets of Himachal. We will discuss in detail about top 5 buffets : Eating out in Himachal Pradesh. 


Top 5 buffets : Eating out in Himachal Pradesh:

Himachal is a great place where you will find a lot of eating outs and restaurants with delicious dishes. As far as meals are concerned, everyone likes a buffet. Here we will tell you about top 5 buffets found in himachal. These are: 

1.The Oberoi Cecil:

It is a wonderful hotel situated in the beautiful hill station of Shimla. It is one of the oldest hotel in Himachal. Its architecture resembles to those of colonial hotels. It offers mind blowing buffet in the restaurant with delicious dishes. 

2.RS Sarovar Portico:

This hotel is situated in the beautiful city of Palampur. It consists of a rooftop restaurant with mind blowing view of the city. In the restaurant, you will find the best setting for a buffet. This buffet is available mainly for dinner and has all the dishes which include both vegetarian as well as non vegetarian dishes. This is well known for the view it offers. 

3.Demere Snowden:

This is a wonderful restaurant known to provide the best buffet in Manali. It is located in the main city of Manali and is very famous for the peaceful environment you get here. Millions of tourists visit this restaurant every year. The people you will find there are nice and well mannered. This is a wonderful place for lunch buffets. 


Valentino’s is a wonderful restaurant situated in Jagatsukh in Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the few italian restaurants you will find in Himachal Pradesh. It serves the only Italian buffet you will find in Himachal. You will be served many Italian dishes in the buffet available in Valentino’s. It is a wonderful place to visit if you are looking for a different buffet. 

5.Ride Inn Cafe:

This is another wonderful buffet available in Manali. In the buffet, you will find dishes of all the types such as Indian, Chinese, International, Italian, etc. It is a very beautiful restaurant very famous for its architecture and decor. Millions of tourists visit this restaurant every year. 

Above is given all the information about the best buffets in Himachal. This is all about the top 5 buffets : Eating Out in Himachal Pradesh.

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