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Naam Art Gallery Himachal

Naam Art Gallery - Himachal
One of the most popular tourist destination in the whole of northern India is Himachal. It is one of the smallest state of India having neighbours which are also very well developed parts of India. These states comprise Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. These are immediate neighbours to Himachal that many tourist plan a complete packages which involves the tour of all these three states following the main tour of Himachal. Himachal is a very well developed state as far as tourism is concerned. The major reason for such great popularity of Himachal are countless. The total number of hill stations in Himachal is the main reason as to why so many people visit Himachal during summers. There are many building which are declared as the world heritage buildings mainly in the area of Dalhousie. The hill stations of Himachal are so beautiful and famous for providing the best atmosphere for summer trips. Millions of people visit the marvelous hill station namely Shimla every year. Shimla is a world famous hill station and provides the best atmosphere for romantic tours. The nightlife of Himachal is also fascinating and is very decent. You get to see all the licensed bars and clubs in Himachal which is really mind blowing as you get to do everything in limits. The food of Himachal is yet another wonderful thing that attracts millions of food lovers to Himachal. The climate is the major factor as to why tourists visit Himachal both during summer as well as winter season. During summer, they enjoy the cool weather and during winter, they enjoy the snowfall with a lot of activities. You get to do a lot adventurous activities as well. As far as shopping is concerned, it offers a great atmosphere. Here we will be talking about Naam Art Gallery : Shopping at Himachal Pradesh. 
Naam Art Gallery : Shopping at Himachal Pradesh:
Location : The Naam Art Gallery is situated in Mcleodganj Himachal Pradesh. 
Opening hours : This gallery operates from 10am to 8pm. 
Required time : You can explore the whole art gallery in about 2 hours. 
Naam Art Gallery is most popular tourist destination in the city of  McLeodganj  near Dharamshala district . This gallery displays exhibition and paintings with featuring works of famous painters like Elsbeth Buschmann, AW Hallett and others. One of the professional painter from German was Elsbeth Buschmann, who studied at  painting  school of London and later of Paris. This place is a great spot  for all art lovers. This gallery is sit about 33 kilometres away from the heart of Mcleodganj town. You can spend most peaceful and relaxing time of your life by visiting Naam Art Gallery. Here you can see different work that attracts the soul of visitors. 
This gallery was actually opened by the Elizabeth Buschmann who was from Germany  and he displays paintings by her own efforts and hard work. A.W. Hallett an English painter also helped her for best paintings. Buschmann uses the acrylics and watercolours , but Hallett’s works on painting by using special oil paints. Hallett died in the year of 1986. His property was given to Himachal Pradesh Government. His gallery is located at Sidhbari Village that is on the Dharamshala to Chamunda Road. 
Above is given all the information about Naam Art Gallery of Himachal Pradesh. This is a wonderful place to visit in Himachal. This is all about Naam Art Gallery : Shopping at Himachal Pradesh. You should keep the visit to this art gallery on your list when you visit Himachal.

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