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Things To Do Himachal

Things To Do - Himachal
Himachal Pradesh is a very beautiful place to visit in India as far as tourism is concerned. It is located in Northern India and is visited by millions of tourists every year. It is an ideal place to visit during winter as well as summer season. There are so many places to visit in Himachal. The climate of Himachal is perfect during both the seasons. You get to enjoy a cool weather during summer and snow during winter. Millions of tourists visit the capital city of Himachal, that is, Shimla. Foreign tourists also visit Shimla from all corners of the world.
Himachal is believed to be the most ideal place for perfect holidays and trips. It offers the most perfect environment for all types of tours. Many features have made Himachal one of the most ideal state to visit in Northern India. There are many reasons as to why so many tourists visit Himachal. The nightlife experience, the things to do related to tourism, the food, the shopping experience, etc all count in making it the best place in North.The most important feature of Himachal that attracts millions of tourists to Himachal is the climatic conditions. During summer, you get a cool weather in Himachal and this have a relaxed time even during summer when there is a very hard time due to heat in rest of the country. During winter, you get a lot of snow in Himachal which offers great chance for skiing and other beautiful experiences. Himachal is also famous for its food and restaurants. There are so many things to do in Himachal Pradesh in terms of tourism. Here we will be talking about things to do ( Himachal Pradesh Tour ). 
Things to do ( Himachal Pradesh Tour ):
There are so many activities you will be able to do in Himachal during the tour. Some of these are mentioned below which are included in our tour packages. 
Trekking through Great Himalayan National Park 
GHNP is located in the district Kullu and is declared World Heritage under UNESCO. It offers spacious views of many valleys like Parvati, Spiti, Jiwa Nai and Tirthan. This park protects more than 1000 special of plants, 213 Bird species, 66 reptiles and 31 mammals species. 
Mountain Biking At Spiti 
The full arid desert area of Spiti Valley add thrill to this adventure and also makes it much more interesting biking route of the India. You can explore picture perfect surroundings. You have to ride through Kunzum Valley.
Rafting in Kullu 
It offers Brave levels of Rafting from 1 to 4 rapids of the beautiful Beas river and you are set off on crystal clear white water rafting adventure. At pirdi, you can choose bunch of guides or operators. You have to cross the downhill rafting of 14 kilometres. It can be completed 45 minutes. Per person cost is Rs 2000. 
Snow camp at Mashobra
It offers you to experience the snow and you can spend some private time by cuddled up in a warm blanket and enjoy every sip of hot cup of tea. It offers majestic sightseeing tours. This place is barely 13 kilometres away from Shimla. 
Heli Skiing At Hanuman Tibba
This adventure can shiver your body and it is not for people who are faint of heart. In Manali, highest peak of Dhauladhar Ranges is Hanuman Tibba. First you will reach at the higher altitude of this peak by helicopter and then you have to slide down the steep slope. 
Above are given so of the most exciting things to do in Himachal. This is all about things to do ( Himachal Pradesh Tour ).

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