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Top 10 Dishes Himachal

Top 10 Dishes - Himachal
Found in Chamba and Manali 
It is the healthy dish with lot of nutrients. It is liked by everyone. It consist of rice, dal, rajma, boor ki kadi, gur and curd. It is offered on the the one plate with delicious delicacies which are served on many festivals and occasions. This dish is cooked by the professional cook  known as botis. 
Found in Kangra and Chamba 
In Chamba, Madra is most delicious and original delicacy with is originated in chamba district. It consist of chana ( chickpeas)  which are soaked overnight.  It is then cooked in the oil and added more original spices like cloves, cumin, cinnamon, turmeric powder and coriander powder. It is most cultural dish which is famous among full himachal pradesh. It is served at every home, restaurant, cafe during the festivals and special occasions. 
3.Spicy lotus stem or Bhey
Found in full himachal pradesh 
It is famous homemade dish which is eaten by everyone and it served at many restaurants with utmost love. It is prepared by the stem of lotus. These stems are steamed and sliced into thin slices. These slices are then fried with garlic, onion, gram flour and many more spices. 
4.Kullu Trout Fish
Found in Kullu 
All non vegetarian dishes are complement by the Trout fish. It is best himachal delicacy which is famous in Kullu district. This fish is marinated with less spices to enhance the original taste of Kullu Trout Fish. It is full of nutrients. After marination, it is boiled with many vegetables and herbs. 
5.Tudkiya Bhath 
Found in Chamba 
This authenticated dish, Tudkiya Bhath is actually pulao which is liked by all pahari people. This bhath is cooked with potatoes, lentils, yoghurt, tomatoes, cinnamon, Garlic and Indian Spices. For complementing the dish, it is served with lime juice and Mash dal. 
6.Chha Gosht 
Found in Chamba 
One of the hard-core vegetarian dish of chamba is Chha Gosht which is  best Himalaya and himachal delicacies. It is scrumptious dish with is prepared by the marinated lamb, yogurt, gram flour and spices. Its taste is enhanced by the coriander, red chilli, ginger garlic paste and bay leaf. 
Found in Shimla 
This dish is the twist in the cuisine of himachal pradesh which is most popular with the kachoris. It is the flat bread which is stuffed with the black gram paste and many spices. It is popular dish of himachal pradesh because of its scrumptious taste. It is served with tamarind chutney and chana. 
Found in Spiti and Lahaul
It is famous festival dish which is liked by every himachali. It is actually served in the form of pancake or cake which is prepared with buckwheat leaves, wheat flour, butter and nuts . This dish is originated from Spiti Valley. 
9.Tibetan Dishes 
Tibetan dishes complements the himachali cuisine in all sense. All the regional dishes are full inspiring the taste level in himachal pradesh. Best Tibetan food is found in Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. All time favourite Tibetan dish of himachali ate Momos. Some of family dishes are Thentuk, Naizha cake, Tingmo, Thupa and Luchi Poti. 

It is the local dessert of himachal pradesh which is tasted by everyone after having lunch or dinner at home or at restaurants. It is offered always as it shows the friendly nature of himachali. Its ingredients are rice, sugar, honey and nuts. It is actually sweet rice with lots of nuts. 

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