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New Year Tour Packages Himachal

Land of Snow ( Himachal pradesh) is the spacious and spectacular state that is also known by the name of Deva Bhumi. All the towns are popular for every packages, from honeymoon to family tour packages. Dev Bhoomi land  is popular in all the season. For every visitor, visiting this place is the ideal option so that you can enjoy your vacation with many sightseeing tours along with different adventurous activities that will make your soul happy. Himachal Pradesh is beautifully nestled between the amazing snow capped mountains. This area is located on the western foothills. This place is also located on the international borders of china and Tibet, thus you will get golden chance to explore the different cultures of Buddhists, Chinese and Tibetan people. You can see the vast glimpse of many beautiful monasteries of Buddhism and Tibetan which depicts the creativity and iconic statues. In each market of Himachal, all types of Shops and stalls are present which maked these markets full crowded by local and international Voyager and trippers. 

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Major quality of fruits and vegetables are produced here like apples are famous here. You can choose any tour package according to your preference, as himachal consists 12 districts, which are given below :

● Una

● Kangra

● Kinnaur 

● Bilaspur 

● Mandi 

● Shimla 

● Hamirpur 

● Solan

● Sirmaur

● Chamba

● Kullu

● Spiti and Lahaul. 

This state lies under region of IHR ( Indian Himalayas Region), most of the richest biodiversities are found here where large variety of wildlife is present and most of the endangered species are also present. These forests are famous for endangered Medicinal Plants like lancea tibetica, Ferula jaeschkeana and saussurea bracteata. Many monasteries of Lord Shiva are found here, it depicts the best phase of literature in many towns of Himachal. It is famous for ice skating, horse riding, Trekking and paragliding. Many valleys like Spiti and Lahaul are located at 3000 metres with many picturesque scenery. The whole year is considered to be the best time to visit Himachal. The new year's eve is considered to be one of the best times to visit Himachal. Here we will be talking about New year tour packages. 

New year tour packages:

These are the most special tour packages available to Himachal. You get these tour packages only once every year. These tour packages involve all the visits to the best things happening in Himachal during new year’s eve. These tour packages involve the visit to all the places in Himachal where you will find many activities during new year. 

● New year tour of Shimla:

Snowfall is the most popular thing about Shimla during Winters which has become a major attraction. You will find snow during the end of the year. Tourists visit this place during New year to enjoy tour in a unique way. You will find many hotels and restaurants which arrange dance and musical events in the late night parties during the occasion of New year. You have to book these tour packages earlier so that you will be able to participate in all the programmes of New year and enjoy the fun and excitement. Shimla is considered to be an ideal spot to welcome New year in Himachal. 

● New year tour of Dharamshala:

Dharamshala is a famous place to do camping, play with snow and have crazy time, especially during new year. You will also find many cafes in Dharamshala which serves unique Tibetan food and have many events and programs available for tourists during new year. The most popular dish you will find in Dharamshala is “Thukpa”. This dish is well known to be best for cold weather and is often known as cold weather soup made with noodles and varieties of vegetables. During the end of year, you will also be able to explore beautiful Monasteries such as Gyuto Monastery, Tibetan Buddhism Monastery, Nyingma Monastery, etc. So if you are looking for a beautiful new year with bonfire, snow and festivals, then Dharamshala is the perfect place for your trip.

● New year tour of Manali:

One of the most beautiful hill station to visit during New year’s eve is Manali. You are advised to book your package In advance because of so many tourists wanting the packages during this time. One can also enjoy many adventure sports during this time in snow such as skiing, etc. Manali is believed to be a great place to welcome New year and is considered among the best tourist destination to celebrate new year not only in Himachal pradesh but also in India. 

● New year tour of Khajjiar:

The beautiful town of Khajjiar is also known as Mini switzerland. Khajjiar is a small hill town which has a lake in the middle and weeds all around in its water. It is one of the most beautiful spot to visit in Himachal Pradesh. During the time of new year, the whole town is covered with snow and people enjoy the new year like one of the biggest festival. It’s an ideal place to visit during the New year as you will feel like touching the sky and admiring the beautiful landscapes of Himachal.

● New year tour of Dalhousie:

Dalhousie is known as the colonial part of Himachal. You will find many heritage building there. You will be able to find some amazing scottish and Victorian architecture buildings in Dalhousie. The whole town gives a wibe of British aura. Dalhousie is also home of a 150 year old temple called as Lakshmi Narayan Temple. Dalhousie is considered to be the best place to visit for shopping during new year’s eve. At that time, you will be able to find products such as handbags, dolls, carpets, handicrafts, kashmiri shawls and also paintings. It is hub of Shopping centres and food joints and also will offer you with many events during new year. It is a nice place to spend new year in as you will find yourself in natural beauty and have fun.

● New year tour of Mcleodganj:

Mcleodganj is a mind blowing hill station in Dharamshala. It is dominated by Tibetan culture and traditions and the people there follow the teachings of Buddhism. Mcleodganj is also called “Little Lhasa “because of large population of Tibetans. It is considered to be a right place to study and understand Tibetan Buddhism and culture. Mcleodganj is a lovely place to be in New year because of its natural beauty. 

These are the new year tour packages available to Himachal. These are considered to be the most wonderful tour packages. These are the most taken tour packages to Himachal.

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